Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Four day weekend. Thank god. Rain possible here and there every day, but it's looking promising.

To do list:

Get the bigger plants in the ground

Scythe/mow around the plant cage boxes

Gather up the cut grass and start yet another compost heap in the corner of the raised planter by the shed

Loosen the soil/weeds/compost in that planter for use as compost for growing plants

Drag the really long 2x10s from the deck fire from behind the shed and put them in the middle of the yard to kill the grass for future cold frames

Chain smoke

Drink too much (but only after 5PM)

Shave my beard off (for heaven's sake)

That'll do. If I get half of that done, I think my mood will improve greatly, though that's not saying much since it has nowhere to go but up.

Life is so damnably short. I guess that's why we need pain: just to make it seem longer.

Happy Memorial Day.


Schmutzie said...

Keeping busy definitely helps, or at least beats the alternative.

A peaceful Memorial Day weekend to you Switters.

switters said...

Thanks, Schmutzie. You do the same, and behave yourself. I greatly appreciate your support and your stories. It does help.

I'll see you Tuesday. But let's do have a drink together later this evening. Wine then beer. (Ick. I know, I know.)

LentenStuffe said...

We're winding into something here too, don't know that it's down, exactly, but the kids are all agog with expectation. Giddy effers.

I hope you're writing.

Schmutzie said...

One day at a time brother, but you already know that.

Keifus said...

Beard? Dude, that's only one step away from sweatpants in public (um, you know, or so I heard...)

The old man has been known to say that a bad day at home beats a good day at work, so there's that.

bright said...

4 day weekend! Is that some kind of southern thing because around here we only get 3. (I could have had a 4-day, but I'm subbing for the church secretary today. Fun! Wanna know who tithes and who doesn't?) Man, sometimes I miss chain smoking.

twif said...

i vote for keeping the beard. fuck shaving.

Schmutzie said...

I grow a beard every winter. And as a rite of spring, like the first robins and the budding of the trees, I shave that fucker off. Too hot in the Ham to wear fur. Off with it I say!

bright said...

Praying for healing, grace, and traveling mercies for you.

Keifus said...

Positive thoughts, Swit.

sydbristow said...

djoko out (like an hour ago). we're cheering for federer, right? he needs the record as bad as sampras needs to lose it. best and all that. do you have a ring of black under your fingernails? i do. i pack the dirt manually, and i don't like gloves.

take care.


sydbristow said...

addendum: took awhile, but nice tackle

Isonomist said...

Sorry, couldn't leave it out there. But Aimee's right.

Schmutzie said...

Hope you had a nice peaceful holiday weekend Swit. Hell of a Wimbledon final, eh?